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Unmanned Systems

Electrofluidsystems is developing a novel high-tech mini UAV with bionic swarm behavior and blockchain encryption, agile flight performance and the ability for high-altitude flights through active flow control and plasma anti/de-icing on wings and propeller. The PLASMA FLYER or SWARM FLYER is made of a laser-sintered, additive manufactured, ultra-strong PEEK structure with a nanomaterial-coated prepreg composite hull. This enables high speed, high g-forced starts from ultrashort pneumatic launchers. 


The world's first plasma controlled flying wing UAV has an improved performance at flight conditions which usually would stop other drones from flying because of strong crosswind induced flow separation and instability effects. The vehicles durability to crosswinds was increased by more than 60% and is thus higher than for other mini UAVs.


The 6kg SWARM FLYER has a 2 kg maximum payload volume (33%) and a powerful 2kW electric engine for fast vertical climbs after launch. Active plasma control and plasma anti/de-icing on wings and propellers enable swarm releases from MALE UAVs. The UAV has a rectrable ultra light gyro stabilized long range HD EO/IR gimbal M2D V4. The FPV flight window with PIP from a 360 degree 4K cam gives operators the best situational awareness. An optional update kit was developed for VTOL operations.

Referring to our motto WE MAKE DREAMS FLY, we propose the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) 


Our future SWARMPILOT with the cloud and blockchain platform SWARMCHAIN will give us an additional customer benefit for more secure communication and coordination of swarming unmanned aerial vehicles (SUAVs). 

We recently also released two pictures of our second mini UAV platform: 

"Imagine swarming aircrafts which can fly and dive deeply underwater. Our visionary PLASMA STINGRAY is not only a small-scale technology demonstrator for our near-space aircraft project but also an advanced prototype for future submersible UAVs. Yes WE CAN FLY AND DIVE UNDERWATER."

 (Twitter.com/Electrofluidsystems, 6 November 2018)


"An imaginative illustration shows the next generation 3.61m span 190kg MHD-PLASMA STINGRAY during an underwater flight with activated front array of magnetoplasma compressors to induce a supercavitation bubble zone..." 

(Twitter.com/Electrofluidsystems, 8 November 2018)

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